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The Goodbets Group is a consulting practice focused on bringing value and support to ambitious dreamers who want to make the world better.

Our Story

Goodbets Group was founded in 2018 by Nicole after a frustrating and discouraging experience working at an education nonprofit.

She worked in social impact, yet her colleagues sent mixed messages about who was truly allowed to speak, create, and advocate on behalf of underserved communities.

She noticed her industry was void of creative thinking, bold strategies, and sustainable business models that center equity. Instead of selfless leaders, she found one fixated on their personal brands and useless whiteboarding sessions.

Meanwhile, communities continue to suffer.

She quickly learned that there were others like her, leaders saddened by the current state of affairs, yet optimistic about the world that could be.

So, to prove it, Goodbets started working with innovative education nonprofits and mission-driven companies that have big ambitions to build a better world. These organizations know the way forward is through unconventional thinking and a focus on empowering all people.

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